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Grasonna 1 for Food and drink Industry

Garsonna is a communication system between the food and drink industry and the consumers.

Benefits for the Food & Drink industry:

  • The food and drink industry can prepare its food and drink digital menu with all the needed information, Prices, Offers, Images Discounts, etc…
  • the F&D will cut the cost of building a paper menu.
  • the customer will scan the QR code that is on the table.
  • each QR code is different from the other table so when the customer places an order the admin will know this order comes from which table.
  • The customer can check the menu and place an order
  • The order will be checked by the admin and approved it, without the need for the presence of a waiter.
  • the admin will pass the order to the kitchen and the admin can also chat with the customer.
  • the customer has the option to pay after the delivery of the order or by CC.
  • the customer can chat with the admin about how long the order will take etc.

garsonna Mobile App

  • the app will includes f&D listings
  • it will includes the google map
  • it will include a full details of the seller (website, Phone #, Whatapp, and the food menu.
  • the customer can check the food menu and can place a delivery order directly with the seller.
  • the seller will have 2 types of food menu (the delivery menu will be and the dining-in menu)
  • the application will have a delivery menu with the delivery charges based on the customer’s location.
  • the payment options are credit cards and cash on delivery.
  • the customer can check the restaurant menu and prices and can make a reservation
  • the customer have the ability to chat with the admin about the delivery time etc.
Garsonna Menu