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Garsonna QR code food menu is a technical service targeting restaurants and coffee shops to increase income and decrease overheads, quality, and efficiency of customer service either for diningdrive-through orders & delivery, or pickup orders.

Your partner in scaling up your business

Garsonna QR code food menu is more than just a digital menu system; we are your partner in elevating and scaling up your business the ‘digital’ way. Create and run your campaigns and promotions via your online menu to boost your sales. Bring your best-selling dishes and beverages front and center, and recommend food items to your customers.

Maximize productivity with less staffing

Your guests can immediately place orders through Garsonna’s QR code menu ordering system without contacting staff. You can lead your customers to scan the menu QR code and effortlessly place their orders and pay with just a few taps. This optimizes the ordering process, and restaurant staff remains free to devote their time and energy to other areas of service.

Increase brand with Garsonna QR code food menu

Customers will easily remember and recognize your restaurant with Garsonna’s QR code food menu customization features. Stand out and get more customer interactions with your branded menu QR codes. Quick and easy to set up.

QR code food menu
+30% Increase In Average Ticket Size

Customers order more and the tables turn over faster, as they can place their orders and pay for their bills digitally.

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increase revenue
+35% Growth In Monthly Sales

Boosts your monthly sales return by accommodating more customers than usual without compromising efficiency and service quality.

+10 Minute Improvement In Average Turn Time

Earn more by serving more customers daily while providing exceptional service without the need to rush them out of their seats.

Reduce Labor Costs, Increase Wages

No need to hire more staff to run your restaurant as order taking is now possible with a digital menu. Your staff can now focus on improving your service and increasing customer satisfaction.

Save On Printing Costs

Printing menus and re-printing of updated menus consume a big portion of your operating budget. Shifting to a digital menu can save you a lot from printing costs alone.

Make Data-Driven And Smart Decisions

Track your store’s revenue, orders, customers, and most sold food items. Get to know your customer’s preferences by looking at their order history so you can offer a personalized dining experience once they visit again.

Attract New Customers And Engage Loyal Ones

Curate your promotions by adding descriptions, a promo banner, and offering your discounts. Easily schedule it anytime you want.

Restaurants Ordering
Enhance The Menu Browsing Experience

Your customers can search for their go-to menu items and see your superb food images with ingredient warnings. Plus, they can easily add a tip upon checkout.

Garsonna Application
Customizable Orders

Customers can personalize their orders by adding their special instructions. Display the add-ons and extras to create more customization options for your customers and maximize sales.

Online Ordering

Ordering, promotions, loyalty, insights, marketing. All the tools you need to maximize your revenue, Garsonna menu works with the world’s leading delivery, POS, payment & engagement solutions to help your food business grow.

Food Delivery

With Garsonna Menu’s advanced table booking system, your business should save much time, increase restaurant sales, improve your service, and decrease customer no-shows.

Restaurants Ordering
Pickup Order

Your Garsonna Menu for pickup orders is part of a larger solution that shares data via the cloud. No matter what modules you choose, an integrated system lets your staff focus on their jobs while your tech does all the communication across departments to save time.

Customer Loyalty Program

Use Garsonna Menu to reward customers for coming back. When you join, you earn rewards, points, or stamps for each visit, purchase, or each dollar spent. These rewards can include discounts, free items, or exclusive offers


Accounting is a part of Your Garsonna Menu, that works best for the various aspects of your business, like inventory management or accounting.

Garsonna QR code food menu

Scan, Order & Pay ✓

QR Code Menu for Scan, Order, and Pay
Increase orders, decrease overheads, and grow your brand.
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We accept all major payment methods and are adding more every day. Save time, and increase tips and table turns by taking payments directly through Garsonna.


★ Customer scans, orders, and pays
★ The Kitchen receives the order
★ Server delivers

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Receive orders from anywhere, any time with TAKEAWAY ordering. Have your drivers? Why not add commission-free DELIVERY orders?

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