Hotel Garsonna menu features

Using our advanced Garsonna menu is a practical way to smooth the digital journey of guests, all the way from pre-arrival to checkout, and automated upselling allows you to increase revenue without depending upon staff. According to Garsonna menu clients’ data, hotels can obtain around a 30% increase per guest, peaking at over 1000% for specific guest segments.

The Ultimate Guest Experience

Ensure every stay is unforgettable with the Garsonna Guest Experience Platform, Contactless mobile concierge tools are now mature, scalable, and affordable for hotels of all sizes. Today we are going to try to make the case for deploying one at yours.

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Instant Adoption

No app downloads increase your guest purchases. Guests don’t want to download another app

QRs by Location

Guests can order & interact from anywhere securely. Our QR tech links the guest with their room

Your Brand, Your Way

Add your logo, images & colors. Choose your custom domain to build trust.

Stand Out

A mobile guest experience will give your property the edge over the competition

Reduce Staff Costs

Printing menus and re-printing of updated menus consume a big portion of your operating budget. Shifting to a digital menu can save you a lot from printing costs alone.

Guest Chat

Front Desk team can chat with 5 rooms at once vs 1 on 1 over the phone


Put your services in any language to ensure all your guests enjoy your property

Multi Language
POS & PMS Integration

Reduce admin. Manage check-ins, guest bills, guest logs, orders and requests right from your existing hotel solutions

Garsonna System

Incentivise your guests to opt into reduced housekeeping services

Room Service
Upsell Automatically

Front Desk doesn’t have time to upsell SPA & tours, put your offerings on the guest mobile for commission-free revenue

POS System

Hotels can expect a minimum 30% increase in food and beverage orders

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SPAs & Tours

Double SPA & Tour bookings

Guest Awareness

Let guests love your property by keeping them informed of your entire offering

Front Desk
Realtime Updates

Update content instantly. No development is required

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Capture guest complaints before they go online. Increase your Google Maps & TripAdvisor Rating

Guest Insights

Create special offers, and get instant guest feedback. Receive insights based on guest clicks

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Hotels Growing Revenue with Garsoona

Join 750+ hotels across 40 countries and experience the efficiency, seamless guest interactions, and revenue growth of Garsonna

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Garsonna effortlessly integrates with leading POS and PMS systems, ensuring a smooth and unified experience for your hotel operations

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